Unlocking access to a wealth of data

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The data we hold is gathered from a range of expert providers by working closely with government organisations, hydrographic offices and other partners across the world. This data has the potential to be used for a wide range of applications – from supporting safe navigation to wider decision-making across the blue economy. 

Access marine geospatial data from seabed to surface

Through the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal, users can access extensive data within the UK’s Exclusive Economic Zone, including:

  • Offshore infrastructure
  • Vertical Offshore Reference Frame (VORF)
  • Wrecks and obstructions
  • Seabed composition
  • HMNAO astronomical and calendar information
  • Bathymetry
  • Ships' routeing
  • Contours

As well as supporting the evolving needs of mariners and existing users of our ADMIRALTY products and services, these data sets can also support decision-making in new markets across the blue economy.

Access data sets
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Our Seabed Mapping Expertise

We are globally recognised experts in seabed mapping and have extensive holdings and services to help you get the right seabed mapping solution to support your marine decision-making.

We have been accredited by MEDIN as the UK National Data Archive Centre for bathymetric surveys and hold surveys from various sources including over 4,000 bathymetry surfaces from 1970 to present day. You can access surveys held in our Data Archive Centre via our ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal.

Tidal Services

Discover flexible tidal information services from the UK’s largest authoritative network of tidal stations.

Gain tidal information for over 7,000 ports worldwide through our EasyTide service, or choose from over 500 primary and secondary tidal stations around the UK with the ADMIRALTY Tidal Prediction Service. We also offer a UK Tidal API, where you can access tidal predictions for the UK coastline and build using accurate and reliable data from the country’s largest network of tidal stations.

Our data services

Through the Marine Data Portal, you can access a wide range of marine data and web services to inform your decision-making.

Not only can users explore extensive bathymetry and tidal data, but also wrecks, maritime limits, seabed composition and ships’ routeing measures in UK waters, and the HMNAO’s Astronomical and Calendar information. This data can be easily searched and downloaded in a range of formats to suit your needs.

How to buy

Many ADMIRALTY marine data sets, apps and services can be viewed or downloaded for free from the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal.

To access the portal and download each of our data sets, you will need to create a free login by following our simple sign up process. Once on the portal, you can find out more information about the output formats and update frequency for each data set.