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In an ever-changing world. our oceans are under increasing pressure with advances in technology, busier seas and pressing environmental challenges. So when making the use of the marine environment, every decision counts. At the UKHO, we specialise in marine geospatial data that supports these decisions and enables others to make the best use of our marine environment.

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For over 225 years, the UKHO has played a pivotal role in the way we use our oceans.

Today, our teams source, analyse and process a wide range of data, helping our partners to use the world’s oceans in safer and more sustainable ways.

This includes mariners and shipping companies, who use our ADMIRALTY products and services for safe and efficient navigation around the globe. In the UK, the Royal Navy and other defence users rely on this data for safe navigation and to support operations that help promote peace on a global scale.

Working alongside international governments and commercial partners, we also gather data to support the development of the blue economy, so that our oceans can provide a sustainable source of economic growth. This, in turn, helps improve livelihoods and provide jobs in new and existing sectors - from renewable energy and aquaculture, to blue carbon and maritime insurance.

Elsewhere, we provide data and expertise to help manage the health of seas and coastal environments by collaborating with the scientific community. When paired with cutting edge technologies, our shared data sets help mitigate the effects of climate change and protect our oceans for the future.

By working closely with our partners, we will continue to find new and better ways to help meet the changing needs of all those who depend on the marine environment, so that together we can support safe, secure and thriving oceans for years to come.


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