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Every day, our specialist teams work with partners around the world to help them make the best use of the marine environment. This includes working with the international shipping community to support safe navigation, collaborating with commercial partners to boost innovation across the UK's marine economy, supporting the Royal Navy to protect national security, and partnering with governments to help build a more sustainable future.

Explore the examples below to discover the power of marine geospatial data.

Empowering small island states

Through our international hydrographic programmes, which includes the Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme and Overseas Territories Seabed Mapping Programme (OTSMP), we’re working with our partners to support the blue economies of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). From enabling economic growth in the British Virgin Islands, to helping Kiribati fight the impacts of climate change.

Improving data access for emergency responders

Central to the success of our emergency services is having access to simple, contextual information to coordinate responses. Find out how we provided crucial maritime data to support emergency responders with coastline missions through the government’s centralised ResilienceDirect network.

Unlocking the value of geospatial data

As one of the six partner bodies within the Geospatial Commission, we provide a broad range of UK marine geospatial data and expertise to help unlock value for the UK economy. This includes supporting the commission in addressing and gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by users of coastal data.

Setting foundations for autonomous shipping

The possibility of partially or fully autonomous vessels promises to be nothing short of transformative for the maritime industry, and key to its development is marine geospatial data. To help advances in this sector, we’ve worked with partners including the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and Department of Transport to support vital testing and research.

Growing knowledge with data science

In recent years, we have seen how data science can transform the way we handle, process and assimilate data. Now, with the help of machine learning and big data technologies, our teams are finding new ways to automate the creation of data sets that help to further our understanding of the marine environment.

The next chapter of digital navigation

The maritime industry as we know it is undergoing an exciting period of innovation. As the needs of the mariner continue to evolve, we are evolving our portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions so that we can support their safety at sea, as well as wider decision making across the maritime industry.

Data from seabed to surface

From seabed mapping data to tidal services, we collect, collate and supply a wealth of data about the marine environment around us. This data is made available via a single access point: the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal – where users can browse, view and download a range of data sets and services.

Nordic Tankers

Nordic Tankers Marine specialises in the technical and commercial management of chemical tankers.  The company's ships have been using ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) for the last four years. Paperless navigation involved a steep learning curve, but Nordic Tankers believes that it has resulted in safer operations.