Marine Geospatial Information – the foundation layer

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From helping to develop sustainable marine economies to keeping mariners safe at sea, more accessible, more accurate marine geospatial information is transforming the way we collectively use and protect our ocean environments.


Coastal nations around the world depend directly on the oceans for their food security, safety and livelihoods. So, it’s vital that they have accurate and reliable information to make more informed decisions to benefit from their marine environments, and also protect them for future generations.

As this reliance on our oceans grows, so too does the need to use them in a responsible way, with many governments and organisations working hard to protect and sustainably manage the use of marine resources. And while the range of activities is vast, from trade to marine conservation, there is one common element that underpins them all: marine geospatial information.

Marine geospatial information is much more than latitude, longitude and depth. It also includes precise, location-specific information about the speed, direction, temperature and density of water and air above the oceans. It includes information about seasonal changes, marine life, the structure of the seabed and many other aspects of the marine environment. This information is crucial to helping us both benefit from and protect our oceans.

The UKHO sources, processes and provides access to marine geospatial information. Working with a wide range of partners, we use this information and our expertise to help others make the best use of the world’s oceans. We are proud of the part we play in this and will continue to collaborate with partners to help unlock a deeper understanding of our world’s oceans, for safer navigation, the marine economy and the future of our planet.


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